Using booze to … power vehicles?

I’m hoping we are all aware that fuel is what powers most vehicles, aside from electric ones. Whether it be gasoline, diesel or coloured diesel, fuel is needed to enable vehicles to move and operate.

With fuel use comes emissions and environmental concerns, hence why electric vehicles have exploded onto the automotive scene within the past few years as conservation and sustainability have become more pronounced throughout society.

Whisky isn’t something we would normally associate with vehicles, but an article by Judy Cole from Good News Network suggests otherwise. It explains how Glenfiddich Distilleries is powering a fleet of their trucks with whisky dregs as a result of their collaboration with IVECO, a natural and sustainable transportation company, and it’s pretty damn cool. Check it out.

“The process seems deceptively simple: Distillery waste materials are run through an anaerobic digester.

“As they break down, gases are emitted and harvested. After a final cleaning process, the resulting product is a low-carbon, low-particulate biofuel.

“It’s estimated that each green and white ‘Fuelled by Glenfiddich’ truck will displace up to 250 tonnes of CO2e each year.

“In addition to producing eco-friendly fuel, the distillery has gone one step further toward reducing its carbon footprint—by using leftover solids from biofuel production to fertilize the barley fields of its farming partners.

“As an added bonus, not only do these twice-over leftovers enrich the soil, they actually draw CO2 away from the atmosphere.

“According to figures forecast by Glenfiddich’s parent company, William Grant & Sons, when compared to diesel and other fossil fuel alternatives, their innovative ‘closed-loop system’ is set to cut annual greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99%—an equivalent environmental impact of planting 4,000 trees every year,” the article states.

Let’s all raise a glass to Glennfiddich and this incredible example of innovation.

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