Have you heard of this unique way to remember lost loved ones?

Death, in life, is inevitable. That sentence is a bit of a paradox, but the statement remains to be true; we are born and we die, some sooner than others and some later, and it is an element of life that cannot be avoided (unless you have superhuman powers or you’re a vampire some shit).

Despite the inevitably of death, dealing with grief and loss isn’t something most of us excel at, and quite understandably. Nothing really prepares us for death, whether it be our own or someone else’s, and losing someone is, for a lot of us, the hardest thing to endure.

Most of us pay respects to those we have lost by burying or cremating them, but there is another avenue that has become available in the context of remembering those who have gone before us.

An article written by Andy Corbley via Good News Network goes into more detail. Have a read.

“A smooth pebble, fired in a kiln from the ashes of a dearly departed, is the latest way Americans can choose to carry on the memory of a loved one.

Parting Stone is a startup looking to give people both a personal and portable way to remember someone they’ve lost, with one person’s ashes capable of producing a collection of stones.

“As GNN has reported before, Americans as a whole don’t have the best relationship with death. While the cost of traditional casket burial funerals is reaching unsustainable levels, a sea of new companies are rushing in to help people find better, cheaper solutions.

“Some have leaned towards the green funeral movement, with composting caskets made of mushrooms, or forest conservation funded by scattering ashes at the base of a tree. Others have moved into personalized ash-crafting, such as pressing a loved one into a vinyl recorda beautiful glass sculpture, or even an artificial diamond.

“Parting Stone is a mixture of the two, sparing soils from the near-ammonia levels of pH found in human ashes, while also allowing people to quite discretely carry a small memory of the departed with them,” the article says.

Parting stones are available for humans and animals, and personally, I find this innovative idea to be a refreshing and meaningful take on remembering those we have lost.

Image from https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Parting_Stone_solidified-remains-1released.jpg

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