Finding logic in panic

I am someone, I have learned over the past few years, who doesn’t necessarily do well when faced with a panic-inducing scenario. When I say I don’t do well, I’m making reference to my complete inability to be able to think clearly and/or logically in a moment of panic, and, really, this is not exactly a good character trait.

I first noticed my struggle to think cohesively when panicking once I began working more on our family farm. There have been a few instances that, looking back upon them, I could have rectified the issue at hand by being able to formulate logical thoughts instead of losing my shit, although I unfortunately tend to do the latter in stressful situations.

Thinking about my inability to have a clear head when shit hits the fan, I wanted to brainstorm some methods I can hopefully rely on the next time I’m staring down something panic-worthy. Maybe there are other folks out there who, like me, become imbeciles when dealing with panic, and if so, perhaps these tips can be of assistance.

  • Instead of allowing myself to become completely and entirely overwhelmed with whatever I am dealing with, it may be beneficial to temporarily shut my brain off to deflect the panic and instead make sense of what the best thing to do next would be
  • I let my emotions get the best of me at times, so it could prove to be effective if I maintained a completely neutral stance when I’m flustered
  • I find talking myself through some scenarios can be helpful, so it could help to talk to myself aloud when panicking to bring myself back down to an earthly level

Are these guaranteed methods to help me be logical when panicking? No, they aren’t. But, I figure they’re worth a shot, so I will let you know if they do actually help.

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2 thoughts on “Finding logic in panic

  1. Pretty good tips. I think they are really useful to help a person calm down when they face a panic worthy situation. Sometimes you need to think clearly and quickly which you totally can’t do when you are panicking.
    Way to go!👍


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