How do you feel about second chances?

Second chances are, I would argue, a controversial topic for a lot of us. Based on my own interactions and conversations with people on the matter, it seems as though we are either in favour of giving them, or we are entirely against it, with no in between.

I had a conversation with my fiancé regarding second chances a few days ago. The topic we were discussing was unfaithfulness in a relationship, and, if either or us were disloyal to the other, whether or not we would be willing to give each other another chance. Neither of us were entirely sure how we would feel if that situation were to occur, so it was tricky to deliver a concrete answer. Ultimately, we both agreed that, because we love each other, we would have to evaluate the situation and decide which route to take, depending on the details.

It is important to note that second chances and our opinions towards them can vary dramatically depending on the topic in question. Cheating, for example, is a matter that a lot of us, I imagine, would not be willing to offer up a second chance towards if we are the victim of that situation. Something not as severe, however, like slacking with cleaning duties in a home, is a matter I would think a lot of us would be willing to grant a second chance towards to achieving redemption.

I think it is unrealistic to simply write off second chances because they can differ so drastically in different scenarios, not to mention we are all unique as individuals and therefore have different perspectives and interpretations towards certain subject matters. Ultimately, I think second chances are appropriate in specific circumstances, and it is entirely a personal decision. Go with your gut, always, and trust your self.

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