Making amends to find happiness

We will all, at some point or another, likely experience a ‘falling out’ in a relationship we have with someone who is of importance to us. The relationship may be a friendship, a romantic one, or a familial one; regardless of the origin of the relationship, life isn’t perfect, and shit can occur to cause a relationship in any context to deteriorate.

Depending on the severity and the details pertaining to what caused a relationship to end on bad terms, it can be extremely difficult to come to a point in which the damage done to said relationship can be resolved. It is possible that either yourself or the other person involved in the relationship have been hurt to such a severe degree that reconciliation simply isn’t feasible, and this isn’t ever a pleasant circumstance.

Sometimes, however, and hopefully more often than not, relationships that have gone sour can be rectified, presuming yourself and the other person present in the once existing relationship are willing to discuss things and make an effort to transition the relationship to a healthier stance.

Speaking from experience, if you ever do have the opportunity to make amends and fix a relationship that has ended poorly, do it. So often we go on with our lives, carrying around the burden of a ruined relationship without ever seeking or gaining closure from it. Once we do, however, make amends and are able to move to a better point in the relationship, chances are you will experience a happiness that is incredibly comforting and liberating.

Finding the courage to address and fix a bad relationship isn’t easy, but once you do muster up the balls to reach out and make an effort to repair the damage, you’ll realize it was probably one of the best things you’ve ever done for that person, and, more importantly, for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Making amends to find happiness

  1. I gave my ex fiancée the opportunity to make amends after he dealt didn’t even deserve it. He’s to immature to make that type of step tho. I agree with your post


      1. Definitely. Thanks 🙏🏼 if you ever feel like delving into it, you can click on the blue graphic on my home page and it’ll take you through the story starting at current times


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