… and here are some more cleaning hacks you have to try for yourself

As promised in yesterday’s post, allow me to share with all of you the remaining cleaning hacks originally from lifehack.org.

“26. Use some Coca Cola to clean oil stains off your garage floors. (Yeah, this works!

27. Clean your ear buds with a Q-tip and a small amount of rubbing alcohol.
28. Your coffee grinder can be smell free if you just grind some uncooked white rice in it.
29. Toothpaste can restore your old sneakers to glory.
30. Toothpaste can also be used to clean your engagement ring.
31. Fill your burned pan with water, add two cups of vinegar, bring to the boil, take it off the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda.
32. Clean your hair brush with shampoo.
33. Shoe polish can hide the scratches in leather furniture (be sure to use appropriate colors and rub off any excess well).
34. Baking soda and bleach can clean the grimiest grout in your bathroom.
35. Fill your blender with water, add a couple of drops of dish soap, blend for a few seconds, then rinse.
36. Broken glass can be picked up by pressing a piece of bread on it.
37. Crumpled paper can be used to quick dry your shoes.
38. While your glue gun is still hot from use, wipe it off with a  ball of aluminum foil.
39. Bathtub rings can be removed by rubbing them using salt and a cut grapefruit.
40. Put a microwave-safe dish filled with water and dishwashing liquid into your microwave for one minute and then wipe with a wet sponge.
41. Lint rollers are great for removing dust from your lamps.
42. Canned air can be used to remove dust from inaccessible places.
43. Use coffee filters to clean TVs, monitors and other screens.
44. Old dusty candles can be brought back to life by rubbing them with stockings.
45. You can easily clean your iron by running it hot (no steam) over a piece of paper or foil covered with salt.
46. Newspaper can be used to absorb smells in a refrigerator.
47. Lipstick stains can be removed by spraying them with hairspray, rubbing them with a damp cloth and then washing them.
48. Clean your silverware with baking soda.
49. Use coasters to prevent jar leakage.
50. Use a dustpan to pick up small toys all over your home,” the web page says.

Here’s hoping there at least a few hacks in here you’ll find yourself actually making use of and applying to your life.

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