Need new appliances? Read this

A little while ago, Blaine and I ventured out to our local Lowe’s store to browse for and potentially purchase some appliances for our future home. We wanted to do this sooner than later as we have heard from a lot of people that COVID-19 has dramatically slowed down shipments of appliances and we didn’t want to be without them once they’re required, sort of thing.

Blaine and I have never purchased any sort of major appliance before, so we weren’t entirely sure which ones to go with, for example, gas versus electric, this brand versus that one, etc. Thankfully, a gentleman named Bob in the appliance department at Lowe’s was of tremendous help, and he assisted us with all three appliances we purchased.

We ended up with getting a gas stove, a fridge and a dishwasher, all three being stainless steel and all three being LG. Bob explained to us that, in terms of maintenance and having reliable access to parts and other inventory, LG is the best bet compared to other major brands. Blaine and I were a little surprised by Bob’s recommendation, but the lad certainly seemed to know what he was talking about.

We opted for extended four-year warranty for all of the appliances we purchased, and overall, we are both content with the service we received as well as our appliances. They haven’t actually been used yet as our future home isn’t ready to live in as of yet, but I’ll be sure to update all of you on their performance once we are able to make use of them.

I absolutely recommend the Brantford Lowe’s location based on mine and Blaine’s experience, and I also highly recommend Bob for any appliance questions, concerns or inquiries. Fingers crossed our LG appliances are as great as we are anticipating.

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