Have you heard of this new sustainable makeup company?

Makeup is something I have grown to appreciate as I have gotten older. When I was in my early teens, I would dabble with some mascara and maybe a bit of concealer from time to time, for example, if it was picture day or something, and that was about it. Once I started getting acne, however, I quickly adapted to the learning curve that exists within the makeup realm, and, with some pointers from my sister who happens to be a magician with makeup, I learned, first and foremost, how to properly apply it, and eventually, how to use some new products.

Eyeliner is something I doubt I will ever master, and honestly, I’m okay with it. There are some things in life we aren’t meant to master.

On the topic of makeup, it is safe to say that a lot of manufacturers of different makeup products aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. A lot of big-name makeup brands contain a shit load of harsh chemicals among other lovely surprises, so it isn’t shocking that a lot of brands and companies are trying to take a better, healthier route when it comes to creating their products.

Take a look at some excerpts from an article by Andy Corbley for Good News Network.

“One entrepreneur has launched a completely green long-wear makeup line that uses plants instead of fossil fuels.

“In June, that entrepreneur received $8.2 million from L’Oréal’s venture capital department, then launched Last—and an initial product line of 12 long-lasting liquid eyeshadowsthree waterproof mascaras, and three eyebrow mascaras, before following it up in September with 21 lipsticks.

“Long-wear makeup represents a quarter of the cosmetics market and is valued at around $12 billion. Its vital ingredient, isododecane, can be synthesized from plants—albeit at around 100x the cost when compared with crude oils.

“Fortunately for Marc Delcourt of Global Bioenergies, a company looking to utilize isododecane for greener jet fuel, L’Oréal—the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world—also had a need for the chemical for their own efforts to reduce fossil fuel use in the makeup industry.

“The products are 90% plant-based and made with vegetable waxes and olive oil derivatives along with isododecane; they come in recycled plastic and cardboard packaging, and in glass and aluminum cases.

“While Delcourt still has dreams of green aviation, he plans to expand his production of plant-based isododecane to several dozen tons per year—with the aim of selling it mostly to cosmetic companies.

“If you’d like, you can buy from the new Last make-up line here,” the article says.

Pretty cool, eh?

Image from https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/LAST-mascara-and-eye-shadow-Global-Bioenergies-.jpg

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