Shein bras: hit or miss?

I am, and have been a member of the itty bitty titty committee since I hit puberty. It’s a genetic thing courtesy of my mom and her family, and while for a long time when I was a teenager I was extremely self-conscious of my lacking chest, I have come to the realization that small boobs are, in a lot of ways, better than big ones. I do not have back or neck pain from my boobs; I can sleep on my stomach; I can get away without wearing a bra quite frequently.

It isn’t as bad as one might perceive it to be.

On the topic of bras, though, finding ones intended for us women who are feeble in the chest department can be tricky. I couldn’t tell you the amount of bras I have tried that haven’t been of any assistance to my tiny friends.

I was browsing Shein’s website a little while ago and spontaneously decided to check out their undergarment section. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Shein makes quite a few styles of bras intended for small-chested folk, and the reviews were quite positive.

I went ahead and ordered a three-pack of bras from shein that claimed to be made for members of the itty bitty titty committee, and lone behold, they’re some of the better bras I have worn. They’re supportive, comfortable, breathable, and they don’t have gaps between the cup and your boob, which is a constant issue for me when it comes to finding bras that fit me properly.

Did I think shein bras would be a beneficial purchase? To be honest, no, I did not. But I am glad I ordered them, and I’m hoping this post can serve as advantageous to anyone else with a small chest struggling to find a bra that fits properly.

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