Have you been to Budapest in Brantford?

My family and I have some Hungarian roots, courtesy of my dads side of the fam jam. My dads father was a first generation Canadian as his father emigrated to Canada from Hungary a ways back, and we still have a solid amount of family over there, whom we have had the pleasure of visiting in the past.

I’m proud to be Hungarian for a variety of reasons, but I’ll be honest in admitting the cuisine is arguably the main reason I’m pumped to be able to say I have Hungarian descendants. It’s some of the best food on the planet, if you ask me, so my family and I were thrilled when we heard about a new restaurant not far from us called Budapest in Brantford.

This place hasn’t been open for too long, and my mom, dad and I went for dinner a few days ago. The moment we walked in we all started smiling because the interior decor reminded us so strongly of what restaurants look like in Hungary.

This place is phenomenal. It has a menu with plenty of selection, filled with authentic Hungarian food, including desserts. There are also a few non-Hungarian items available. Each and every dish on this menu is incredibly affordable, and the portions are absolutely generous.

I had the chicken cordon bleu with dumplings and cucumber salad; my mom has sauerkraut stew; my dad had goulash. Everything was positively delicious, and we all agreed we are coming back again soon. we brought home chicken paprikas and dumplings for my sister, and she said her dish was also scrumptious.

Budapest in Brantford is, without any doubt, worth visiting. The staff are so pleasant, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the food is the bomb and very affordable. What more could you ask for?

This place is a must!

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