Craving something sweet? Hit up SWEET Bakery in Brantford

Blaine and I ventured out to SWEET bakery in Brantford this past weekend regarding our wedding cake. I’ve been to this bakery before, but it was quite a few years ago. When I was chatting with my sister and maid of honour about potential local bakeries to check out for our wedding, she recommended SWEET Bakery as she happens to be friends with its lovely owner, Stacey.

Blaine and I met with Stacey to chat about options for a wedding cake, and also smaller desserts for our guests. She was incredibly helpful and suggested some great ideas to us that we had not considered prior. Our meeting was a consultation as opposed to a tasting, but once the date of our wedding is closer we will return and do some sampling, which I’m pretty pumped about.

SWEET bakery has a variety of goodies that would arguably appeal to everyone, and their prices are absolutely reasonable. Here is a description of this bakery’s services, courtesy of Stacey’s website: “My SWEET little shop offers nostalgic home baking, with modern panache. Everything is made from scratch, in our open concept kitchen. Using whole ingredients and ONLY real butter. It tastes just like grandma used to make.”

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bakeries I have ever had the pleasure of visiting, and the decor details are beautiful. Whether it be a celebratory cake of some sort, cookies, cupcakes or squares, SWEET Bakery absolutely creates and offers something for everyone.

After our visit, I, of course, did a bit of shopping and grabbed a six-pack of assorted cupcakes and some chocolate chip cookies. The cookies, according to Blaine, are great (I have yet to try them), and I imagine the cupcakes will provide the same verdict. I’m looking forward to sampling them, just as I am looking forward to heading back to SWEET Bakery in the near future.

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