Read this to learn more about your cat

I’m not a big fan of the notion that we as humans identify as either dog people or cat people. Why must we strictly be one or the other as opposed to a delightful combination of both, equal parts cat and dog people? I happen to love cats and dogs, therefore I refuse to identify as one or the other.

In a world that emphasizes inclusivity and refutes marginalization, one would think we would be at peace if we were both cat and dog people.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Anyways, because I’ve seen some Instagram reels as of late describing some characteristics pertaining to felines that I wasn’t familiar with, and because Instagram reels are obviously a very credible source of information, I thought I would share my learnings with all of you.

I really don’t know if these are true or not, so take these ‘facts’ with a grain of salt.

  • Cats don’t meow to one another (unless they’re fighting, based on my own observations. That shit gets loud) but rather meow at humans strictly to garner attention.
  • Cats do not blink, so if your cat is blinking or squinting while looking at you, they’re trying to tell you that they love you.
  • If a cat holds eye contact with you, this is another way of saying they love you.
  • Cats greet one another by touching noses, so if you’re trying to make friends with a foreign cat, let them touch the tip of your finger with their nose.
  • If you hold a cat under its front legs (in its leg pits?) and put it up to a wall, one of two things will happen. If they put their legs out to brace their impact when they touch the wall, they’re intelligent. If they don’t raise their front legs to stop themselves from hitting the wall, they aren’t overly smart.

The more you know, my friends.

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