The beauty of spending time with yourself

I am what I would consider a combination of an introvert and an extrovert. I think I’ve always been a mix of the two, as best as I can recall, and I try to maintain a relatively equal balance between both ends of my social spectrum.

As much as I enjoy socializing and spending time with others to a certain extent, I also significantly enjoy my alone time. I would go so far as to say I prefer being alone to being with people, but that somewhat implies that I am a gremlin confined to a cave as opposed to a human being, so I digress.

I feel like introverts and the concept of being introverted is seriously misunderstood, and further, is often presented with a negative connotation. We have been socially conditioned to perceive being alone as something to avoid, even fear. But, speaking from experience, being alone can be pretty fucking delightful, and it’s a tremendous way to better understand ourselves.

I firmly believe there is no better way to learn who we are as people than by spending time alone. It grants us time to think and contemplate things, as well as to learn the things we like and also dislike about ourselves. If we aren’t happy with who we are as a person, it isn’t exactly feasible to think others will like us.

Spending time with ourselves provides us with an opportunity to become more independent, more self-aware, and more attentive to how our thoughts and actions may impact others in our lives. It’s an effective way to familiarize ourselves with what it is that makes us us, and I consider this to be a positive thing.

Being alone 24/7 is not what I’m meaning in this post, and I don’t recommend that extreme stance towards the matter. But, if you’re someone who constantly finds themselves in the presence of others, seize an opportunity to spend time alone and see the good that can come from it.

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