Driving in snow: a how-to guide

A few nights ago, where I reside was slammed with a decent winter storm. I live in Southern Ontario, and while I’m not sure how large the storm system was, I think it impacted more of the province than not. We received a solid dumping of snow a few weeks ago, which, when met with frigid temperatures, turned to ice. Next, we had an extreme temperature influx causing all this ice to melt, which resulted in flooding. Shortly after the rain disappeared, it turned into freezing rain, then snow.

In short, the weather where I live has been a complete and utter shit show as of late.

Ontario is situated within Canada, for anyone who is unfamiliar with Canadian geography. We often get cold, bitter winters, though not nearly as bad as they once were, thanks to global warming. We actually haven’t had this much snow in a few years, and as much as I love the snow, I do not love the driving that occurs once it has landed on the roads. So, because it very much so seems as though Canadians lose all basic intelligence and driving abilities once snow meets pavement, I thought I would offer some tips and tricks to assist anyone who may be struggling with driving in inclement weather:

  • First and foremost, if you’re not comfortable driving in shit weather, stay the fuck home
  • Do NOT be that person driving 20km in an 80km with 30 cars behind you. Rather than infuriating everone behind you who is more confident driving in snow than yourself, grab your steering wheel, veer towards the ditch, and allow all the cars you’re holding up to pass. Then proceed.
  • High beams do not improve vision in a whiteout. So fucking turn them off
  • If there are no other cars on the road, feel free to drive in the centre where conditions may be better. If another car appears, move the hell back over into your lane
  • Don’t speed. Like it literally isn’t worth it
  • Give yourself ample room to break to avoid jamming your car hood up the asshole of the car in front of you
  • Just use common sense

Image from https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/caucasian-man-scraping-snow-off-car-windshield-picture-id508481715?s=2048×2048

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