Do yourself a favour and don’t watch the new ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

I’ve made mention of my love for horror movies numerous times here on my blog before, but I think it is important to specify that when I say horror, I’m referring to movies that truly scare the living shit out of me, not ones that depict an insane amount of gore. The term horror is a blanket one in the movie realm considering how many tropes it can cover, some examples being supernatural themes, thrillers, blood and guts, and psychological horrors, hence why I’m specifying what I personally enjoy in the horror genre.

I should stipulate that while gore doesn’t bother me, it isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world to watch. I’d much rather endure a classic jump scare and literally launch my cheeks off of the chair I’m perched upon as opposed to watching someone being torn in half, but that’s just me.

Blaine and I have seen a shit load of horror movies together (thanks to my influence hehe), and because we have seen all of the installments in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga, we agreed we would watch the newest one which was released this year.

Normally, when I review movies, I provide a little bit of background information pertaining to the film, but it really isn’t even worth it for this one, folks, so I’ll refrain.

This movie shows Leatherface, who we all know and don’t exactly love, as he comes out of massacre retirement, chainsaw in full swing. This time around, we see a group of young influencers moving into the abandoned town of Harlow, where Leatherface and his mother still reside. Shit goes sideways, Leatherface has yet another pissy fit and figures the best means to cope with his emotions is to cut every living person in the town to literal pieces.

The two cast standouts for me were Mel, played by Sarah Yarkin, and Richter, played by Moe Dunford, who happens to be in Vikings. The best element of this film is probably bringing back the character of Sally, who managed to escape Leatherface in an attack decades ago and returns in this movie to end it once and for all.

This movie is excessively gory, as the name suggests, but so much so it was borderline comical how ludicrously violent it is. The ending sucks, too.

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2 thoughts on “Do yourself a favour and don’t watch the new ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

  1. Thanks. I was thinking of downloading this to skip through it, but I’m not going to bother. How old is LF even in this instalment?

    BTW, did you like the remake from a few years ago? Myself, I really liked it. Didn’t care for the sequel as much but I loved how they updated the ‘final girls’ role.

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    1. Funnily enough his age isn’t mentioned, but I don’t think logically speaking he could wield his chainsaw so well at his age lol.

      The remake from a few years back is better than this most recent one in my opinion. I didn’t love it, but this newest one is worse, I believe.

      Thanks so much for reading!!

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