Here are some seriously scary horror movies

I was reading an article from Buzzfeed recently which detailed a compilation of horror movies that, according to folks who submitted these particular flicks for the sake of this article, were too terrifying to finish. I was curious to know how many of these movies I myself have seen, and most of them, I have.

I was genuinely surprised at some of the movie mentions in this article, one mention, in particular, being The Shining. Do I think The Shining is a cinematic masterpiece? Yes. Did I think it was almost too scary to finish it? Hell no. But, we’re all different and have different tolerances of scariness, so I can respect the entry.

Since I’ve seen my share of horror movies, I thought I would compile a list of them that truly and genuinely scared the living shit out of me. Have a gander:

  • The Ring – I watched this movie in the seventh grade and it fucked with me for months. I recently watched it again, and while I wasn’t nearly as scared watching it as I was when I was younger, it still packs a whollop
  • Hereditary – this movie is phenomenal in terms of how deeply disturbing it is, and there is one scene in particular involving a piano wire that makes me a little nauseous
  • Bone Tomahawk – this movie is probably the only one I’ve seen in which I literally had to turn away because it is incessantly gory
  • Midsommar – this one didn’t scare me in the typical way a horror movie would, but its depiction of a cult is quite chilling
  • The Ritual – I think a lot of folks have slept on this one. It’s on Netflix, and it’s wild. I can say with full confidence after watching it that I will never go backpacking in a European forest

Is there a horror movie you couldn’t finish because it was too freaky?

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