Is chivalry dead?

I’m willing to bet that some folks read the title of today’s post, said aloud to themselves, ‘yes,’ and carried on with their day without reading the entirety of this entry. To each their own; I’m not here to judge someone based on whether or not they took the time to read a post on my blog. But, for those of you still reading, I thank you, because I don’t necessarily think the answer to this question can be proposed in one word.

While it may be tempting to assume chivalry is dead in its entirety, I don’t think that would be an accurate assumption in the grand scheme of things. I believe chivalry exists in today’s day and age, but not to the extent it did 50 or 100 years ago, and I firmly believe the decline in the occurrence of exhibited chivalry can be tied to the fight for women’s rights and independence.

Before I get my head bitten off because of my remark in the paragraph above this one, allow me to stipulate that I did minor in women and gender studies in university. I think that’s worth mentioning.

Nowadays, there are women who, when met with chivalry, shut it down and further challenge it because they feel as though their own abilities and independence are being challenged and diminished as a result. I can understand this mindset to a certain extent, but I think some ladies take this a little too out of context. If a man opens a door for me in hopes of being chivalrous, I thank him, despite my full capability to open said door on my own. Personally, I don’t see this act of kindness as demeaning to my identity, nor do I slam the door in his face, shin kick him and boot him in the plums.

I think part of the reason chivalry is declining is because of the hassle some men encounter when trying to be chivalrous towards some women. They’re not going to try and be chivalrous if they’re constantly getting bitched at as a result.

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