Let’s hear it for Montanas BBQ & Bar

I friggen love Montana’s. I guess I didn’t really realize how much I appreciated this restaurant until I started going there with Blaine and my family, and because prior to now I had only eaten at Montana’s a handful of times when I was a child.

Allow me to inform anyone who may doubt the food at this establishment that it is fucking delicious.

I feel like a lot of us somewhat frown upon roadhouse-style restaurants because they may not offer an atmosphere comparable to that of an upscale, or fine-dining restaurant. What I love about Montana’s is that anyone and everyone are welcome to dine there, and you feel a sense of homliness when you’re there. You feel like you fit in, so to speak, and it is very much appreciated.

Perhaps I picked up on this ‘homliness’ vibe because I come from a farm and Montana’s is styled in a Western manner, but regardless, I feel quite comfortable when I dine there.

If I had to recommend specific dishes to someone, I would suggest their fajitas as they’re always fresh and blazing hot; their deep-fried pickles; their crispy bam-bam shrimp. Montana’s genuinely has some of the best bam-bam shrimp I’ve ever had, and the lengths I would go to to get my hands on an order of it is disturbing.

If I had to gauge a general consensus, any Montana’s location I’ve ever visited is typically packed around dinner time, so I think it is safe to say most folks like their food. The prices are absolutely reasonable, the atmosphere is cheery and welcoming, and their food is always delightful.

If you haven’t been to Montana’s in a hot minute, this is your sign to head there ASAP. Make a reservation, though; it will probably be quite busy.

Image from https://alumni.uoguelph.ca/sites/default/files/montanas.jpg

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