Lash extensions vs. lift and tints: is one better than the other?

Similar to my post about tanning, I would like to claim this opportunity to profess that I am not someone who gets their eyelashes done frequently. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never had any kind of service performed on my eyelashes, and the reason I am now is, once again, as a result of my upcoming wedding.

I have no issue with folks who get their lashes done on the regular. It just ain’t for me.

At this point, I’ve tried both eyelashes extensions as well as a lash lift and tint. I can say with full confidence that I prefer a lash lift and tint to extensions any friggen day of the week, but allow me to provide my reasoning.

When I had eyelash extensions done, they looked beautiful. I opted for the natural type of extensions, meaning they weren’t so dramatic it was entirely obvious they were fake. As much as I enjoyed their appearance, I quickly learned that the lifestyle I live is not one that supports the existence of eyelash extensions; I ruined half of them while asleep (I’m an aggressive face-sleeper), and the other half was gone by the end of the following day because I was working in our chicken barn and they apparently do not hold up well in humidity. They weren’t the most comfortable things to wear, if I am being honest, but again, I’m not someone who normally wears false eyelashes, and I imagine they need some getting used to.

Because I didn’t have much luck with the extensions, I opted to try the lash lift and tint. This outcome was much better for me than the extensions were; they have, so far, lasted, and they look incredibly natural, likely because they’re my natural lashes. To my knowledge, lash lift and tints do not require much maintenance, and they tend to last longer than extensions do.

Personally, I won’t ever get eyelash extensions again because they didn’t work for me. A lash lift and tint on the other hand? Now we’re talking.

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