Here’s why you should visit Drumbo Pub

This past Saturday, Blaine and I were trying to determine a place to visit to grab some dinner. We didn’t really want to drive into Brantford, nor did we want to hit up a spot we go to regularly. Blaine suggested the Drumbo Pub, and since neither of us had dined there, we figured it was a good choice.

I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect prior to entering the restaurant, but I knew from the moment we pulled up outside that I was going to like this place. It doesn’t necessarily look like much from the outside, but, from my own experiences, the hole-in-the-wall joints are often the best.

It wasn’t overly busy and we were able to grab a table right away. It is a small restaurant, but very cozy. It has a great atmosphere and a lot of quirky, personal touches that you will likely only see in a small town like Drumbo.

The menu was bigger than I was anticipating, and both Blaine and I got burgers; him, a regular one, while I opted for a cheeseburger. They were delicious, as were the homemade, fresh-cut fries served alongside them.

Blaine and I both had an entree, and Blaine had one beer. Our bill came out to be a whopping $28.00. Neither of us could believe how affordable this place is considering the healthy portions you receive and the quality of the food. We were both quite impressed with Drumbo Pub overall, and we agreed we will be visiting again soon.

If you’re relatively local to Drumbo and haven’t yet eaten at Drumbo Pub, this is your sign to do so. It is welcoming, quaint, serves up some tasty food, and doesn’t blow the entire contents of your wallet for a nice dinner out. Check it out, friends.

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