The significance of being transparent with your partner

I realize that the title of this post and what it specifically implies is a bit of a given when it comes to relationships, but hear me out. I genuinely feel as though this topic is one that has a lot of prevalence amongst all different sorts of relationships but isn’t necessarily understood.

It is one thing to recognize that transparency with a romantic partner is significant; it is another thing entirely to put this idea into practice. Hence why you’re still here and still reading.

I think a lot of folks are selective when it comes to what they are entirely transparent about with their partner. Perhaps we feel comfortable being completely vulnerable and truthful when it comes to discussing former relationships, or what we want and desire from the relationship in question, but we do not feel comfortable being completely vulnerable and truthful when it comes to discussing things like finances, family goals, or not-so-wonderful elements of our past.

It makes sense that there are certain things about us and our identity we wish to withhold from our romantic partner. We figure some things are better left unsaid, or perhaps are reluctant to share because we fear we will hurt them in some way by coming clean. As logical and tempting as this idea is to support and perpetuate, simply put, it isn’t – truth has a way of making itself known even when we desperately try to quash it away.

Being totally transparent with your partner is the best way to establish trust between each other. Will it be unpleasant and uncomfortable to come forward about everything? More than likely. But, it will prove to be far more advantageous than consequential in the long run.

If you feel as though you cannot be completely honest with your partner, there is a chance they’re feeling the same way. Rather than setting into motion a dangerous and complicated cycle, stop it before it has the chance to take off.

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