Looking for a miracle cream? Read this

Not too long ago, I had my bridal makeup trial, if you will, with the truly lovely gal who is doing my makeup, as well as the makeup for my bridal party, on the big day. She and I have become friends since we have gotten to know one another, and she’s flipping awesome in all respects.

In addition to being a phenomenal and impeccably talented makeup artist, this gal also knows a thing or two about skincare and which products to recommend for specific concerns. I mentioned to her in passing that I get boils from time to time (I know, fucking gnarly), and she recommended a cream for not only boils, but a hell of a lot more skin conditions and imperfections.

My Magic Healer’s Beeswax and Propolis Magic Salve is the product in question, and it is available via both Amazon and Etsy. Check out the product’s description via Amazon:

“Beeswax & Propolis Magic Salve is a multi-purpose traditional ointment known to help with 100 problems in conventional medicine. The unusual combination of natural beeswax, egg yolk oil, and propolis creates a very powerful formula for healing.

This product has many uses. If you have a question about an issue that is not listed on here, please send a message on our socials so we can help you better.

– Skin moisturizer: great as an everyday moisturizer for body, nourishing and regenerating
– Dermatitis problems: eczema, psoriasis and many rashes
– Skin infections
– Inflamed, swollen, red skin
– Boils (including from hidradenitis suppurativa), abscesses, inflamed cysts
– Burns, cuts, wounds, blisters, skin inflammations
– Chapped/cracked lips and angular cheilitis
– Mastitis, swollen nipples
– Cosmetic uses: mature skin, cracked heels, dry lips, brittle nails
– For pets: wounds, cysts, skin infections, scratches, dry paws

– Soreness from hemorrhoids
– Eye, teeth and ear inflammation, styes
– Skin ulcers
– Deep wounds with pus, red bumps
– Pain from inflammation
– Inflammation on the heel

FOR ADULTS, CHILDREN and DOGS: magic salve is 100% natural with only four simple, locally sourced ingredients. The list above is applicable for everyone (including pets).

BEFORE FULL APPLICATION: make sure you do not have allergies to bee products. Do a test patch.”

This shit truly is magical, and I have had tremendous luck with it. From sun bumps to ingrown toenails to dry cuticles, this stuff is good for just about anything. I highly, highly recommend it.

Image from https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/71y1apZ4zaL.SY500.jpg

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