Read this to learn about some sunburn remedies

Without fail, I burn the first time I’m outside in the sunshine for the entire duration of the day while working on the farm. It happens every year; I usually get a solid burn on my shoulders, back, and the back of my neck, and from there forward I tend to tan and don’t typically burn again unless I’m outside working in Satan’s turmoil.

I cut our grass (which was looooong overdue) a couple of days ago, and, shockingly, earned a sunburn. Not a terrible one, though, so I can’t complain too much. Sunburns tend to hurt like a little bitch, though, so I thought it might be useful to compose a post depicting some options for sunburn remedies for anyone else looking like a crustacean as of late.

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  • Take frequent cool baths or showers to help relieve the pain. As soon as you get out of the bathtub or shower, gently pat yourself dry, but leave a little water on your skin. Then, apply a moisturizer to help trap the water in your skin. This can help ease the dryness.
  • Use a moisturizer that contains aloe vera or soy to help soothe sunburned skin. If a particular area feels especially uncomfortable, you may want to apply a hydrocortisone cream that you can buy without a prescription. Do not treat sunburn with “-caine” products (such as benzocaine), as these may irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.
  • Consider taking aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce any swelling, redness and discomfort.
  • Drink extra water. A sunburn draws fluid to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body. Drinking extra water when you are sunburned helps prevent dehydration.
  • If your skin blisters, allow the blisters to heal. Blistering skin means you have a second-degree sunburn. You should not pop the blisters, as blisters form to help your skin heal and protect you from infection.
  • Take extra care to protect sunburned skin while it heals. Wear clothing that covers your skin when outdoors. Tightly-woven fabrics work best. When you hold the fabric up to a bright light, you shouldn’t see any light coming through,” the web page states.

Here’s to some relief, my friends.

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