Love pickles? Read this

I wouldn’t exactly say my love for Costco comes as a surprise after I mentioned it in my post a little while ago about Tiramisu. It may be more accurate to admit I have a somewhat toxic relationship with Costco, but honestly, I’m okay with it because of all of the happiness it brings me.

After the success I’ve had with Costco’s tiramisu, I was hopeful that an additional product I purchased would prove to be just as delicious. I am so pleased to report that it, too, checks all of the boxes, but not in the context of dessert. This particular product is Fresh Gourmet’s Crispy Dilly Cucumbers, and they’re positively fucking scrumptious.

I think it’s a bit of a given considering the name of the item in question, but if you’re not a fan of dill pickles, I do not recommend trying these guys. That being said, if you are not a fan of dill pickles, allow me to state that I pity you, deeply. You’re missing out.

When I saw Fresh Gourmet’s Crispy Dilly Cucumbers while browsing the Costco aisles with my sister, I may have let out a squeal of genuine delight and anticipation.

I figured these bad boys were more of a snack food than anything, but this is not the case, and for good reason. These beauties are similar to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce in the sense you really can put this shit on anything – salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, pasta and more.

The reason I love these things so much is that they genuinely taste like a dill pickle. They aren’t a pickle flavoured chip – they are literally sliced cucumbers which have been fried and seasoned accordingly. They’re like an elevated dill pickle in the sense they’re a little crunchier and the dill flavour is more pronounced.

If you see these at Costco, do yourself a favour and grab a bag. You will not be disappointed.

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