Do you feel like you belong in a different time?

There have been a few instances in my life in which I have been told I have an old soul. The first time I was told this, I was a little taken aback and wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret the comment. Did this mean I acted like an old woman? Do I look that bad? Are my mannerisms similar to those of an old gal? Admittedly, I did ask for some clarification, and much to my relief, it was explained to me that having an old soul means you’re from a different time, usually a past one.

After I heard this for the first time, I heard it a few more times, and in conversing with friends and family, I discovered a lot of us have been deemed old souls. I’m unsure of what sort of criteria is required to be classified as this, but apparently, I check all of the boxes.

I very much wish I lived in a different era, preferably a past one. I feel as though the state of the world today is far too damaged to be restored, and honestly, it is a very depressing realization. I’m not trying to suggest I don’t have a good life, because I absolutely do. What bothers me is that so many of us do not live good lives in terms of fundamental human rights and necessities, and I find it to be getting progressively worse.

Were these issues also existent in past eras? Absolutely. But, I believe the development of advanced technology and social media have polluted our world, and mainly our youth, and I’m a little hesitant to know what the future might bring considering our world is beyond fucked as it is.

I do think times were much simpler in the past, and my parents have attested to this. I guess I’ll have to take their word for it.

2 thoughts on “Do you feel like you belong in a different time?

  1. I don’t know if I belong in a different time, and I love/use the internet too much to give it up, but I kinda wish I was a young adult in the early to mid 80’s simply for the music. I think it would have been cool to experience Billy Joel during his prime and see concerts for reasonable prices.


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