Read this to learn how to change your potato wedge game

I love food, as do most of us. My love for food arguably stems from the food my mom made for me growing up, as well as my background; I’m Hungarian and Dutch, and while the Dutch may not necessarily be known for their food, the Hungarians sure are.

I follow a few food accounts on different social media platforms, though mainly on Instagram. I think this may be because I’m a visual person – to read about food is one thing, but to see pictures of food is another. I really can’t wrap my head around cookbooks that fail to offer any images of the recipes they’re sharing. No one wants that shit.

While scrolling through Instagram a couple of days ago, I came across a video claiming to change lives in regards to a hack for cooking potato wedges. I personally haven’t yet had the opportunity to try it myself, but I plan to once Blaine and I are living in our home as I’ll be doing most of the cooking.

Apparently, if you toss your potato wedges in a generous coating of mayonnaise before you cook them, it is life-changing. Based on what I saw in the video, coating potato wedges in mayo prior to frying them allows for a beautifully golden and crispy exterior while maintaining a soft and pillowy centre.

Sadly, this particular video did not offer a recipe, but I’m sure you could find one if you did a little internet sleuthing. This guy also used an air fryer – again, not sure if an air fryer is crucial when making these guys, but I figure I’ll provide you with all of the information I know.

So, I guess the next time you’re whipping up some potato wedges, try coating them in mayonnaise. And, if I may, allow me to acknowledge that mayonnaise is central to the Dutch, so maybe their food ain’t so underwhelming after all.

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