Netflix: Valhalla – is it worth watching?

For anyone who read the title of this post and rolled their eyes, internally thinking ‘did she not literally just write about this damn show?’ I request your patience. Yes, I did recently write a post about this show. However, at the conclusion of this post I said I would update all of you once I had finished watching the first season, and I’ve done just that.

So there.

I regret to admit I have finished watching ‘Vikings: Valhalla’, and the reason I use the term regret is because it was so damn good I’m actually a little sad it’s over. I’ve read that two more seasons of the show have been promised, and while the second season has wrapped up filming, it won’t be released until 2023.

I’m all for improving my patience, but waiting that long is a lot to ask.

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ is a fucking bomb show, and if you liked the original ‘Vikings’ series, I highly recommend you watch the spinoff. It introduces an entirely new cast of Vikings who are in the midst of making a name for themselves, although I can certainly appreciate the show’s mention of characters from the original version, such as Ivar, Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn.

Something I specifically enjoyed in ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ is the show’s focus on Freydis, who has been deemed the last daughter of Uppsala. She is borderline more of a warrior than her male counterparts, and it’s incredibly refreshing to see such a female badass in a leading role. Lagertha in the original show offered the same character traits, but ‘Valhalla’ gives Freydis more screentime, I believe.

I guess I still can’t say for certain whether ‘Valhalla’ is better than the original ‘Vikings’ considering there are at least two more seasons coming, but seeing as both shows are written by the same dude, it’s safe to say they’re both incredible.

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