Are Roomba vacuums worth the money?

I’ll apologize in advance for stating this well-known fact to any of my readers by now, but it is relevant to the subject matter of this post; Blaine and I have been living in our home for almost two weeks now, and it has been interesting, to say the least.

I’m not going to be too redundant, but if you’re wondering why my choice of word to describe our living experience is interesting, feel free to check in on my last few posts.

Because our house has been in shambles pretty well since we moved in, cleaning, and keeping up with cleaning, has been a bit of a nightmare. Between moving furniture in, keeping our shoes on to do so, and having windows open because our central air wasn’t hooked up until today, our floors resemble those of a gas station bathroom, and it ain’t pretty.

I may be being a tad dramatic, but I was born and raised in a house that challenges the likes of Mr. Clean, courtesy of my mother, so I’ve been a little twitchy trying to grapple with the bogs forming on our floors.

Blaine and I have slowly been tackling opening our wedding gifts, and one of the incredibly generous gifts we received is a Roomba vacuum. As much as I applaud their efficiency and time-saving abilities, I was a little hesitant to buy one for myself because I wasn’t sure how well they cleaned.

So far, I am pretty happy with this little guy. It can’t get into super tight and awkward spots, but it does have this neat little sweeper arm that can get into most nooks and crannies quite well. It holds a charge very well, and its intelligence and sensor capabilities are quite amazing. I did discover that they do not operate well in the dark, though – just a heads up.

I love my Roomba, and I do think they’re worth the money. If you’re someone who has difficulty devoting the proper and required amount of time to complete housework, a Roomba just might be your new best friend.

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