Job interview tips (part two)

As stated in yesterday’s post, todays will cover some of my own personal tips and tricks to absolutely ace a job interview.

Well, to be honest, I can’t say for certain whether or not my suggestions will assist you in knocking the socks off of your interview, but I sincerely hope they help to some extent.

Just about all of us will endure a job interview at some point or another, so I figure this information remains timeless, in a sense. If you’re currently looking for a job, or if you find yourself on the hunt ten years from now, I’m hoping my tips will remain relevant.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

  • Be yourself. Refrain from depicting a version of yourself that fails to be genuine and authentic in hopes of getting the job, because if you do happen to be hired, it’s going to prove to be quite difficult to keep up with two forms of identity while on the job
  • Be honest. Similar to my former point, there really is no benefit when it comes to lying in an interview. If you fail to be honest, there is a chance you’re going to be expected to fulfill tasks and responsibilities in your position that you won’t have any clue how to navigate, and if this occurs, you’re not doing many favours for yourself or the organization you’re working for. A white lie or a slight exaggeration, depending on the context or subject matter, is okay in interviews occasionally, but tread carefully
  • Establish expectations. It is important to recognize expectations of a position not only for yourself, but also for your interviewer. If you’re not sure if you’re expected to work the occasional weekend, for example, it is always better to ask than not
  • Do not fall victim to questions about your personal life. If your interviewer asks you your marital status, whether or not you plan to have children, what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, etc., you do not have to provide them with that information, nor are they legally able to ask you

I sincerely hope these tips can help alleviate the stress of job interviews for someone out there.

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