Check out these cooking hacks

Cooking is something that has relevance to just about all of us. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or have someone in your life who consistently cooks for you, the process of preparing food for consumption is a relatively universal one, and while most of us dabble in it in one way or another, we may not necessarily be entirely savvy when it comes to making the process of cooking a little easier.

I’ve learned some tricks and tips along the way to assist me with my own cooking, but it is always appreciated to retain more knowledge on the matter. I thought I would visit Google for some genius cooking hacks, and this information comes from

“To keep cookies and other baked goods soft after baking, add a slice of store-bought white bread to an airtight container. Your cakes, cookies and muffins will keep their day-one softness. Friends and family will think they’re fresh! Try this trick with our Big & Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies…that is if you have any leftovers.

“Your bulk spices and baking supplies just got an adorable upgrade. Save the lids from parmesan shakers and gather your small mason jars. Screw the lid on and you’ll have a handy way to sprinkle and measure.

“Craving those scratch-made potato wedges from your favorite restaurant? The answer is waiting in your kitchen drawer. Cut one end of the potato for stability then push an apple slicer through

“Want garden-fresh flavor year round? Freeze farmers market vegetables in resealable bags during peak season. (Just remember to follow this step before freezing!) A classic soup starter called a mirepoix is made by combining 2/3 onion with 1/3 carrot and celery. This aromatic blend will give you a sweet, hearty flavor to kickstart soups and broths. Vegetables will last 8 to 12 months so you can enjoy the tastes of summer when gloomy, cold weather hits,” the web page states.

Check back soon for some more clever cooking hacks.

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