Have you seen ‘Pacific Rim’?

Allow me to state that yes, I am entirely aware that Pacific Rim is not in any way, shape or form a recent movie, and yes, I am aware that I am incredibly delayed in watching it.

Now that we’ve gotten those discrepancies out of the way, let’s continue.

I should probably mention that I’m not normally one to watch alien-invasion films. I don’t have anything against sci-fi flicks, but they’re just not really for me. The only exception I would make in order to watch a science fiction movie is that the film contains an actor or actress I really like, hence why I am here today writing a post about Pacific Rim. Who does this movie star, you may be asking? The one and only Charlie Hunnam, ladies and gentlemen.

To be honest, this movie has been on my list to watch for a while solely because it stars Charlie, and I finally got around to watching it recently.

Pacific Rim is an armageddon film, if you will. It depicts a fictional situation in which Earth has been invaded by absolute units of aliens. This trope is quite repetitive in sci-fi movies, but I can appreciate Pacific Rim’s twist on the typical alien portrayal – in this story, they emerge from the Earth’s core as opposed to space, so that’s a creative decision. In response, the humans that survived these alien attacks decide to build ginormous transformer-looking machines, operated by two humans, to fight and kill these alien fuckers.

Charlie Hunnam plays a lad who operates one of these machines.

I quite liked this movie, much to my pleasant surprise, and not solely because of Mr. Hunnam’s involvement in it. The movie is definitely exciting in terms of plot and visuals, and the graphics and special effects are quite impressive, which is saying something seeing as this movie was released in 2013. I would watch it again, and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend giving it a watch.

Image from https://images.bauerhosting.com/legacy/empire-tmdb/films/68726/images/iB0RsWVoOXzicPi2Yy5xmTYMbho.jpg?format=jpg&quality=80&width=960&height=540&ratio=16-9&resize=aspectfill

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