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I am someone who relies a little heavily upon the Reminders app on my iPhone. It’s borderline ridiculous how much I use it, and I think it’s a phenomenal tool for people who have a few different deadlines and reminders on their minds to keep track of everything.

I decided, though, that for my tutoring business, I’d be better off using an actual planner. Things get a wee bit confusing when you have 15 different reminders set for a given day.

I received an Indigo gift card as one of my bridal shower gifts last Fall, and I figured I would put it to use and order a 2023 planner from Indigo has beautiful planners in terms of their appearance and design, and while one from the buck store would have sufficed, I deemed it appropriate to put my gift card to good use and use it towards one.

While on the Indigo website, I saw that they had a special deal they were advertising; if you spend $50 on Indigo merchandise, you get a Faux Fur Throw for $35.

I’ll mention that these bloody throws are regularly $80.

Like fuck I’m spending that much money on a damn blanket, but because I needed a planner and a Christmas gift for someone, I ended up being able to get the throw for $35.

My order arrived a couple of days ago, and my goodness, this blanket is arguably the softest one I’ve ever encountered in my life. It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm cloud, and while I absolutely cannot justify the regular price of these bad boys, I don’t mind spending $35 on a blanket of this quality. Plus, Blaine and I needed another throw blanket because our cat, Lionel, has claimed Blaine’s childhood John Deere blanket.

If you need anything from Indigo (or even if you don’t), take advantage of this deal while it’s still in existence.

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