Thank you, vets and vet techs

This past Wednesday was not a good one for my family and me. It was my dad’s 65th birthday, which is a milestone and monumental birthday absolutely worth celebrating, however, our celebrations were quickly sidetracked after an incident occurred in the afternoon.

I was in the midst of a tutoring session with a client when my mom called me. I told her earlier when I was tutoring, so when she called me during my session, I wasn’t going to answer it, initially. Then, upon further quick thinking, I realized there was probably a good reason why she would call me fully knowing I was tutoring at that time, so I figured I should probably answer.

Thank God I did.

Understandably frantic, the jist of what my mom was yelling at me via phone was that one of our dogs, Finn, was hurt. More specifically, from the limited English I could make out, the injury was located on her back. Based on the anxiety and fear in my mom’s voice, I could tell it was pretty bad, so I ended my session rather abruptly and went over to the farm as quickly as I could.

Upon arrival, let’s just say I didn’t realize a dog could sustain a gash to the extent Finn did, and it was absolutely horrible.

I called our local vet, Windrush Veterinary Services in Burford, Ontario, immediately and they told me to bring her in as soon as possible. I did just that, and within a short time-frame they had Finn admitted and being treated.

My family and I have never experienced anything short of truly phenomenal care when it comes to our animals and how they’re treated by the incredible staff at Windrush. They work diligently and tirelessly to ensure each and every animal in their service is given the best care possible. We cannot recommend this business and the unmatched devotion they show their patients enough, time and time again.

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