Lovin’ on lynxes some more

When I first composed the title for this post, I thought it was a decent but brief little spurt of alliteration, but upon further thought, I realize some folks may read it and consider it a little bit odd. Allow me to clarify; my use of the term ‘lovin’ in my title is purely affectionate and genuine, and by no means is it attempting to suggest anything beyond that.

Let’s not make things weird, friends.

Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s continue with our chat regarding lynxes, shall we? Again, this information comes from nationalgeographic.com.

“Lynx bodies are adapted for life in deep snow. Their long legs help them move through the thick powder and their large, webbed paws have hair underneath to keep them warm and stop them slipping. Those paws hit the ground with a spreading toe motion to help the animal walk on top of the snow, forming the perfect snowshoe.

Bobcats, however, don’t need to travel through thick snow in search of snowshoe hares, so they have smaller feet without hairy soles. You can also tell the bobcat by the smaller tufts on its ears, and the white underside of its tail.

Lynx are skilled hunters due to their great hearing and eyesight so strong that they can spot a mouse 250 feet away.

They tend to live in dense forests where there is plenty of cover to ambush their prey. Lynx aren’t able to keep up the chase over long distances so once they’ve spotted their prey they’ll silently stalk it until the perfect moment. Pouncing, they grasp their victim with their front claws and kill it with a bite to the throat.

These stealthy cats avoid humans and hunt at night, so they are rarely seen. They usually target one primary prey. For Canada lynx, that’s the snowshoe hare and for the Iberian lynx, it’s the European rabbit. Meanwhile, bobcats have a more varied diet of rabbits, hares, rodents, and sometimes birds, while the larger Eurasian lynx hunts deer and other small animals,” the web page states.

I do encourage you to check out all of the information listed on the site about lynxes, because they’re quite interesting critters.

Image from https://images.pexels.com/photos/316399/pexels-photo-316399.jpeg?auto=compress&cs=tinysrgb&w=1260&h=750&dpr=1


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