You never know who you might be talking to

This past weekend, my mom, sister and me took a much-needed afternoon to get away from the farm for a little while. Anyone who comes from a farm background will know precisely what I mean in my previous statement, and for anyone unfamiliar with agriculture and farming families, I’ll briefly explain; because most family farms consist of family members working for and contributing towards the operation, it can be challenging to take a break from work, and furthermore, remove ourselves from the farm setting entirely. It is far too easy to come up with reasons as to why we should stick around the farm, but on occasion, a bit of a break can be quite beneficial.

We decided to go to downtown Cambridge for the afternoon to shop around a tremendous antique shop, and afterwards went to a British Pub for dinner. I snuck outside for a cigarette break at the pub, where I was joined by a lovely elderly man who struck up some conversation with me while we puffed on our darts. One thing lead to another within our conversation, and he began telling me a bit about his life story. This gentleman explained he was originally from Germany where he was drafted into the navy at the age of 18. He left school to serve, and after serving his duty he returned to school where he earned a masters in business. He then returned to the navy, fought in the Cold War, and earned just about every medal of honour that can be attained in the Navy. After that, he invented a device which he holds all patents for, worked several odd jobs, and eventually opened up a bakery where he continues to work today.

Hearing this man’s story had me absolutely gobsmacked. He was so humble and nonchalant in his description of the life he has so far lived, and our conversation prompted me to consider how we really don’t know who we are talking to in these types of situations.

Clemens, if you’re reading this, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and hear your story.

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