The power of unity

The source of inspiration behind this post may be questionable in its origin, but hear me out. I think what I am wanting to communicate has validity to it, so long as I can successfully articulate what exactly it is I’m trying to say.

As I mentioned in a post a while back, Blaine got me hooked on The Walking Dead. We’ve come a long way in regard to show progression since that post and I’ve now had the privilege of witnessing Negan’s first scene on the show. It is one I arguably will never forget in the worst and most traumatic way possible, and if you watch the show, you know exactly what scene it is I am making reference to.

Negan has been around for a while now at the point Blaine and I are at in the show, and I said to Blaine after I first saw Negan, I simply couldn’t understand how such an asshole of a guy could have such tremendous power over such a vast number of people. He is literally the most entitled piece of shit I think I’ve ever come across in a television series and no one seems to question his supposed superiority. We’re finally at a point in the plot in which some of the characters are questioning Negan’s power, and by doing so are able to recognize that when they come together as one solid unit, they significantly outnumber his position.

I realize I am drawing a life lesson from a zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic television show. Still, considering the harsh and gritty conditions the characters find themselves living in, I think it is oddly appropriate. When we come together and embrace unity, we are far more powerful as opposed to when we stand alone. It just so happens The Walking Dead depicts a fine example of that.

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