The importance of switching up your workout

Anyone who knows me personally will more than likely read the title of this post and chuckle to themselves, label me as a damn hypocrite, and carry on with their day. I say this because, again, anyone who knows me on a personal level is well aware that I composed my own personal workout routine probably ten years ago now and have been practicing it ever since.

That is not to say, however, that I don’t occasionally switch things up within my own routine. Should I do so more frequently? Absolutely, hence the inspiration behind this post.

The reason I’m here today, writing a post about the significance of altering an almost constantly consistent and repetitive routine is because of the screaming pain I’m currently experiencing within my hamstrings. I decided spontaneously two days ago to change a move in my routine for another, and while it obviously proved to be effective considering the state of my hammies and ass, I’m having a lot of difficulty in simply just walking as a result, which is a testament to how long it’s been since I worked these particular muscles that are now having a shit fit.

My harrowed hamstrings aside, it is rather important to switch things up when it comes to exercise for a variety of reasons. Aside from not being able to sit down on a toilet properly to pass a shit, the benefits that present themselves with different forms of exercise far outweigh the benefits of performing the same set of exercises day after given day. Without changes in a routine, you’re not able to properly and adequately work all of the different muscles within a particular muscle group, and I don’t think anybody is really wanting to be strolling around with shoulders that could carry an ox and legs that are less sturdy than toothpicks.

Change your workout, friends. Trust me on this one.

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