Should you be using mouthwash regularly?

I like to think I have pretty good oral hygiene. I brush my teeth regularly, and while I’m not nearly as consistent with flossing, I do dabble in it from time to time.

I have an issue with receding gums, as do a lot of people. My dentist told me mine are a result of how hard I grind my teeth – so hard, in fact, the enamel on the tops of my upper teeth is wearing away and I need to get it patched up, and it’s starting on some of my bottom teeth as well.

I’m a grindy bitch, what can I say. And, yes, I wear my mouthguard each night.

I’ve always been someone who gets canker sores far more often than I would like, and while their presence has slowed now that I’m an adult, I do get the occasional one, and they’re not pleasant. I had a canker sore flare-up recently and figured I would start using some mouthwash to see if it helped calm them down faster than without, and lo and behold, it did. Now, I’m trying to use mouthwash each time I brush my teeth, and I’ve noticed a positive difference in my overall dental hygiene; I find I don’t have as much plaque buildup; canker sores have chilled out; my breath is fresher for longer, despite how much coffee I drink; and while this may be wishful thinking, I think my gums are looking a little less irritated and inflamed.

As for the brand of mouthwash I use, I’m quite content with the dollar store brand, and I couldn’t give two shits if it isn’t a name brand like Crest or Listerine. It’s a third of the price and does the same damn job, so I’m happy, and here’s hoping it works for you, too.

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