This is your sign to have brunch at MontHill Golf and Country Club

Despite working at a golf course for a couple of years, I am by no means a golfer. I do understand the game of golf, to almost an entire extent, but I’m not super savvy with all things golf, and I’m absolute shit when it comes to playing the game.

For Easter this year, my aunt caught wind that MontHill Golf and Country Club was offering an Easter brunch, and so my dad’s side of the family collectively decided to attend. I nor anyone in my immediate family had been to MontHill prior to having brunch, and holy hell, the clubhouse and grounds are absolutely stunning.

I was figuring brunch would be buffet-style, but was pleasantly surprised upon arrival to learn that the food was served directly to tables on platters. This brunch was not your stereotypical brunch; there were plenty of traditional breakfast foods, but MontHill put a creative twist on a lot of the dishes, allowing for a lovely and unique dining experience. Some of the options served included arguably the fluffiest scrambled eggs I have ever had; hashbrowns with a subtle smokey, almost chipotle flavour; eggs benedict with fresh greens; southern-style chicken and waffles; sweet sausages; a wicked crusted bacon; incredibly tender steak and sauteed vegetables; a fresh beet salad; a pecan-infused banana bread smothered in a rich sauce; poppyseed and lemon loaf; stuffed donuts; coffee; tea; hot chocolate; juice; and a mimosa flight.

I can’t even remember the entire spread, but that gives you a good idea.

This brunch was all-you-can-eat and cost $40 a person, which I think is absolutely reasonable given the quality and quantity of food and beverages you have access to. I do recommend making a reservation early, however – it was quite busy, and understandably so.

Do yourself a favour and visit MontHill for their truly fantastic brunch.

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