Consider this a sign to not watch The Immaculate Room

Earlier this week, Blaine and I were trying to figure out what to watch together. We agreed to take a small break from The Walking Dead as well as Beef, two series we have been watching somewhat consistently, and decided on a new addition to Netflix – a film titled The Immaculate Room starring Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth.

Categorized as a psychological thriller, The Immaculate Room depicts Danny, played by Hirsch, and Kate, played by Bosworth, a couple who have been selected to participate in a contest involving The Immaculate Room. You aren’t given much context as the viewer, but basically, this contest was created by some professor as a social experiment, and participants are expected to stay inside this Immaculate Room for 50 days. Upon completing the 50-day stay, participants are granted five million dollars.

Slight detail about this Immaculate Room – there is a bed and a shitter, and that’s it. No television, no books, no phones, no social media, no outdoors, and no contact with anyone outside of the room. If you leave the room before the 50 days are up, the other contestant who remains can still win one million. If both contestants leave the room before 50 days have passed, no prize money is rewarded.

This movie has a shit load of potential given its plot and its tropes regarding the power of money and how far people will go for it, but, sadly, it is shit. It’s boring, it’s bland, and it is underwhelming as hell. Blaine and I literally predicted the two sole exciting things in the film’s entirety, demonstrating how yawn-inducing the plot is.

I didn’t find Bosworth and Hirsch to share an ounce of chemistry, either, and seeing as they’re supposed to be playing lovers, this dynamic didn’t do much to improve the movie.

Do yourself a favour and don’t watch The Immaculate Room.

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