Read this for some Mother’s Day inspiration

In case you’re unaware, this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. I imagine there are still a few folks out there scrambling to come up with some gift ideas for their mom, so I thought I would compile a list of some gift ideas to potentially help anyone out.

Also, just as some useful advice for future reference, moms tend to love anything homemade. At least, my mom does.

Some potential Mother’s Day gift ideas include:

  • Getting your mom a gift card to visit a spa for a lovely massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, etc.
  • Gift cards in general – some people see them as insensitive, but personally, I fucking love them as you’re able to buy whatever you want and/or need
  • Flowers OR a plant
  • Bake her whatever her favourite goodies are
  • Host her for a lovely homemade meal consisting of some or all of her favourites
  • A bottle of alcohol, whatever her preference may be
  • A hand-written poem, or as best as you can muster
  • Clothing
  • Pottery
  • A book, or books
  • Some of her favourite music, whether it be an album or concert tickets
  • Go for a walk together and catch up
  • Do a workout class together
  • Go for a drive to some of her favourite spots
  • Candles
  • Check her makeup and skincare supply and see what needs replenishing
  • Visit a winery or brewery
  • A journal
  • A planner
  • Slippers
  • Jewelry
  • An array of her favourite snacks and goodies
  • A purse or wallet
  • A detailed account of your family history
  • Some dishware, whether it be plates, mugs, wine or beer glasses
  • A subscription of some sort, perhaps for a streaming service

I realize not all of these suggestions are applicable or even appealing to everyone and their mother, but I’m hoping at least one or two ideas got some creative juices flowing for you. Your mom deserves it.

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