The consequences of projecting

A few days ago, I slept in. This happens to the best of us, but because I could literally sleep through a bloody hurricane, it tends to happen to me more often than I would like it to. One of my responsibilities with the farm is work affiliated with our poultry barn, which includes walking … More The consequences of projecting

Why are we all so selfish all of a sudden?

Perhaps I should clarify that while the title implies that a sudden onset of selfishness amongst the general population is the case, I don’t think it is. An increase in selfish behaviour and tendencies hasn’t exactly been an ‘all of a sudden’ occurrence. This escalation in the prominence of selfishness across the board is, I … More Why are we all so selfish all of a sudden?

Mind your tongue

These days, more than ever, arguably, it seems as though a lot of us walking around with a lot of pent-up anger and frustration. And, understandably so. The past couple of years haven’t exactly been pleasant in regards to the pandemic and all of its lovely elements, and there are a few of us who … More Mind your tongue

Mind your tongue

It seems to me as though people in general are excessively miserable as of late. As human beings we are all a little bit miserable from time to time, but recently, it is almost as though all of us had someone shit in our morning coffee. Considering the current circumstances we are finding ourselves in, … More Mind your tongue