Why is everyone so angry?

Based on recent conversations and interactions I have had with a variety of people recently, I think it is safe to say that I am not the only one who is noticing how angry a lot of us are as of late. I’ve discussed it with friends and family, and those who I have chatted with about this issue have been in total agreement with my own observations.

I’ve been noticing that we as a collective society seem to be a lot more pissy than usual in a general sense. Never before have I witnessed so many people being absolutely terrible to folks working in jobs in the service industry, though I’m willing to bet this is occurring in a larger context and not only within the service industry realm.

I realize a lot of us are simply exhausted with COVID-19 and all of its regulations and policies bombarding us on a daily basis, and I do believe this anger I’m noticing is a byproduct of this pandemic. Getting impatient with a virus does not, however, justify impatience, entitlement, inconsideration, lack of kindness and hate, to name a few behaviours I’ve been privy enough to experience first-hand.

With the way we are going, I genuinely fear what is to come of us humans years from now. I believe this pandemic and its ramifications have been a strong example of what can occur when fear is weaponized, and while it is disheartening to acknowledge, I fear it will get progressively worse. We cannot allow ourselves to lose basic human kindness and decency as a result of frustration and fatigue, no matter how tempting it may be to succumb.

Please, please be mindful of how you are treating others. This ideology should be perpetuated regardless, but it is needed more now than ever.

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