The harsh reality of being reminded of your flaws

To say I’m stressed the hell out right now is a bit of an understatement. The wedding is less than three weeks away, and the home Blaine and I will be living in is just about move-in ready; throw work into the mix and I’ve got myself a stressed trifecta.

Things could always be worse, which is something I’m trying to remind myself of, but my plate at the moment is a tad full and I think any other additions to my plate would launch me off the fucking deep end.

Because I’m feeling a little tense, I’ve been a little snippier and terse lately than I usually am, and it makes a lot of sense that my family has caught on to it. My mom and dad sat me down the other day for a much-need pre-wedding chat, and while a lot of the things they had to say were tough to swallow as they were direct criticisms pertaining to me, everything they said was true.

I am willing to bet that no one enjoys being criticized, and for good reason. As human beings, we experience tremendous discomfort when are being informed of something we are doing wrong, or poorly, and it is easy to become defensive when criticism is voiced in our direction. Rather than getting angry and refusing to listen, though, these moments are some of the most important ones we may experience in life, and they shouldn’t be avoided or shit on when they present themselves. Moments in which we encounter criticism about ourselves are crucial for self-improvement and reflection, and without them, I think we would all be huge assholes because we would be going about our lives without any inclination that our actions or behaviours may be affecting others in a negative manner.

If someone calls you out for something, and they’re doing so for a good reason, refrain from reacting immediately, and further, angrily. Take a few moments to digest and interpret what the criticism is, and why this person is bringing it to your attention. Chances are it’s for an altruistic reason.

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