Mind your tongue

These days, more than ever, arguably, it seems as though a lot of us walking around with a lot of pent-up anger and frustration. And, understandably so. The past couple of years haven’t exactly been pleasant in regards to the pandemic and all of its lovely elements, and there are a few of us who are struggling to get back to where we were as people prior to COVID-19 blindsiding us.

When we harbour anger and other unpleasant emotions, it tends to come out in undesirable ways. We become agitated, impatient, intolerant of any minor inconvenience(s), and defensive. It is similar to holding a grudge, in a way; the longer we hang onto these shitty emotions, the stronger they become, manifesting themselves internally until they bust out of us like a pair of skinny jeans after eating at The Mandarin.

When we carry around a lot of bitterness, it isn’t exactly rocket science to correlate these angry emotions with outbursts, specifically verbal ones. We tend to be snippy, rude, inconsiderate and entitled, and in doing so we often upset other people in our lives and/or hurt feelings, this being an outcome no one should strive to achieve.

Easier said than done, but I really think it would benefit the majority of us to stop and take a moment to collect ourselves prior to retorting to someone from a place of anger. Similar to the ideology of thinking before speaking, the simple act of pausing and reconfiguring our thoughts before we respond to someone could make a world of difference in terms of the direction the conversation goes in, especially if we’re already in a bad mood.

We’re all fighting battles and quarrelling with inconveniences. You’re not special, and your hardships don’t make anyone else’s inferior to your own. Mind your tongue, and just be kind.

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