My 5 Tips for Getting Over A Cold

With winter approaching, sickness and colds will inevitably occur. It is fair to assume that colds and flus go hand-in-hand with chilly temperatures and snow, and while it is an unfortunately realistic assumption, there are ways to combat the symptoms of a pesky bug in order to feel more like yourself in a timely manner.

Whenever I am sick (I actually have a bit of a cold right now), there are five things I tend to do to not only alleviate my symptoms, but to furthermore overcome my cold as quickly as possible.

(1) Sleep. Yes, you hear it all the time – rest when you are ill. I don’t feel as though the term ‘rest’ is accurate, however. I think it would make more sense to simply say sleep. Sleep is one of the best ways to overcome a bug, and I find that when I allow myself to sleep as much as possible while I am ill, I am able to feel better quickly.

(2) Drink water. Drinking or eating anything may often be the absolute last thing you wish to do when you are sick depending on what you are sick with, but drinking water is one of the best ways to keep your body hydrated and therefore able to fight off germs and bacteria.

(3) Heat. I tend to experience achy and sore muscles whenever I am ill, so I like to take hot baths or showers and use heating pads in order to relieve my muscles and regain mobility.

(4) Relax. Allowing your body to heal while it is fighting a cold is essential, so when I am sick I force myself to relax, even if I am anxious about completing other tasks. Television or reading are the two things I like to do in order to relax, but it can be anything that does not require a lot of movement.

(5) Be positive. One of the worst things you can do while being sick is to be negative about it. Dwelling on the worst or feeling sorry for yourself certainly will not speed up the healing process, which is why I try my best to remain positive and tell myself I am getting better.

If you have other tricks for combating a cold, shoot me an email and tell me about them!

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