The Many Benefits of Citrus Fruits

For quite some time now I have been catching snippets of articles and conversations addressing the countless benefits of citrus fruits. I decided to do some research of my own to learn what exactly citrus fruits have to offer, and I repeatedly come across six benefits. They are as follows (as mentioned on

(1) Maintain A Healthy Body Weight/Prevent Weight Gain: Tangerines contain a flavonoid that not only fights against type two Diabetes but furthermore quickens digestion and an individual’s metabolic rate.

(2) Reduce Possibility of Stroke: The same flavonoids in tangerines exist in many different forms of citrus fruits, and it aids in preventing the possibility of stroke.

(3) Reduce Possibility of Developing Cancer: A group of Japanese scientists determined that beta­cryptoxanthin and hesperidin, which exist in the pulp of some citrus fruits, prevent tutor expansion in lung, colon and tongue tissue.

(4) Improve Eyesight: Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, which is the vitamin that heightens an individual’s vision.

(5) Allowing for a Lower Dosage of Specific Drugs: According to, a clinical trial conducted at the University of Chicago in 2012 documented that a glass of grapefruit juice daily while taking anti­cancer drug sirolimus enhances the effectiveness of the drug by three times as a result of the grapefruit juice reducing the metabolism of the drug. The study suggests that perhaps some patients can ingest lower doses of that drug, which lowers the risk of side effects and costs (dosage is still being studied**).

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, I have also heard that citrus fruits, specifically lemons, can be helpful to individuals who struggle with acne. Some persons have experimented with lemon juice as a facial toner, and its high levels of acidity sometimes dry out blemishes and remove bacteria in the process. I would be careful with this technique before experimenting with lemon juice on the face – do some research and ask your doctor before trying anything.

It is apparent that citrus fruits offer a multitude of benefits to the human body, and as an added bonus they taste delicious!

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