The Prevalence of Immaturity Within Social Media

I can recall when I first registered with what are today’s most popular social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were all relatively new to me when I created an account with them when I was in grade nine or so (except Instagram, as I created an account with it when I was in grade eleven),  and it is rather alarming to witness the direction these platforms are taking in regards to their content.

I actually first created an account with Twitter to remain up-to-date with world news and global events. CNN has a very thorough and informative Twitter account, and they were the first account I followed on Twitter. The amount of accounts I follow on Twitter have certainly increased over time, however I find myself refraining from checking my Twitter feed because it has become nothing more than a grouping of immature and unrealistic jokes and memes. It has become seemingly impossible to check Twitter without being bombarded with immature images and phrases, and while on occasion this content is humorous it is saddening to acknowledge that these images are arguably what Twitter users want to see as opposed to legitimate and significant global news.

The same goes for Facebook and Instagram. I would argue that a majority of social media platforms have become nothing more than an outlet to share ridiculous images and content, and while all persons are free to share what they wish on social media it is troubling to recall the content of these platforms when they first originated and to compare the level of immaturity existent in social media from then (which was scarce) to now.

I’m not what the prevalence of immaturity within social media today communicates about the majority of its users, but I believe it is worth considering. Is contemporary society simply uninterested in global news? Do memes and jokes take precedence over world-wide events? If this is the case, I fear what themes social media will embrace in another twenty years.

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