The Pressure Facing College and University Students Post-Graduation

I think it is fair to assume that a majority of individuals enrolled in college or university have been bombarded with the question, “So what are your plans once you graduate?”

While this inquisition seems relatively harmless and essentially appropriate if a person is approaching the end of their post-secondary studies, it can trigger a tremendous amount of stress for students who are unsure of what their plans are after they graduate.

Of course it is required for a person to eventually acknowledge what they wish to do with their post-secondary education once they have completed their studies, however I have found that being asked this question can initiate a tremendous amount of stress and pressure if an individual is still focusing on their studies as opposed to what they hope to do after their studies have concluded.

I am not trying to come across as overly sensitive, nor am I meaning to suggest that persons in university and college cannot handle the stress of being asked what they hope to do after their schooling. It is inevitable to encounter this question if you are a student, and it is essential to eventually come to some sort of understanding of the sort of work you wish to engage in. However, it is possible to be approached with this proposition too frequently, and I would argue that the stress of not knowing what post-graduation plans are is enough to disturb a students current academic responsibilities and duties.

What I am essentially saying is that it is okay to be unsure of what you wish to do after you conclude university or college studies. I do not think it is beneficial to have zero idea of what sort of work you wish to do or what type of position you wish to fill, but not being completely sure of your plans after graduation is normal and common. Don’t rush into a position simply to avoid the dreaded question of post-grad plans. Take the time to designate a field of work you are interested in and think you would enjoy and initiate your plans with confidence and patience.

School is stressful enough – don’t add unnecessary stress to your plate because of a simple  question.

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