Karma Kameleon Gastropub

Karma Kameleon Gastropub is a restaurant located in Thorold, Ontario. I have eaten at the Karma Kameleon on two separate occasions, and I felt the need to dedicate a post to it because the food is absolutely incredible.

The menu is not huge in terms of selection, however it is arguably a smaller menu because so much effort and creativity is put into each and every dish offered. Some of their featured dishes include avocado spring rolls, gator bites (yes, these contain actual alligator), creole chicken jambalaya, fried chicken and buttermilk waffles, and their most famous dish, their lobster grilled cheese. My dad has sampled their lobster grilled cheese and said it was pretty damn good, which speaks volumes because I trust his taste in food more than most.

Because of my food intolerances I am somewhat limited in terms of what I can order from the menu, however a majority of their dishes can be altered in order to ensure they are free of gluten, and they even offer a couple of vegan dishes. My go-to meal is their Cabo burrito bowl, a mixture of ancient grains, black beans, corn, red onion, pesto, tomato, sunflower sprouts, guacamole and a tangy lime and red pepper vinaigrette. You can check out their entire menu here: http://www.karmakameleonpub.com/menus

I learned in a conversation I had with one of the waitresses at the Karma Kameleon that the head chef trained under the supervision of Gordon Ramsay – is there anything about this place that isn’t impressive?

The atmosphere is cozy and quirky, and its small size allows for an enjoyable meal with company. The staff is pleasant, the food is phenomenal, and to boot they offer a lot of local beers in order to support the community.

In summation, if you’re ever in Thorold or St. Catharines be sure to drop by the Karma Kameleon!


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